Dad's guide to twins by Rawlinson, Joe,

Dad's guide to twins

Author: Rawlinson, Joe,
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September 10, 2021
Dallas, TX (US)

Very Helpful, and not just to Dads.

Good observations by the Author-and the dad of 4 (Four). Clever advice on many fronts especially- buying tips for Twins. And how to be home-prepared for the new arrival. And to Prepare your other children, as well. Some info re: C-Cesarean section births here in book referred to here is Only needed if babies (baby) in Breech position. That's Not Correct: also when mom has a narrow hips or other organs standing on the way of vaginal birth. Negative is that there are so many grammatical errors, that it disgusted me (I am picky in that regard). But the Guide is well-worth reading it and have at home.