The whittiers by Steel, Danielle

The whittiers

Author: Steel, Danielle
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March 17, 2023
Dallas, TX (US)


The pretty much unbelievable story, where large family of siblings have to bury their still relatively young parents - Connie and Robert who are 69 and 79 and who perished suddenly under the snow lava while skiing in their favorite winter resort, that they went to every year to enjoy themselves alone as a couple...Their children (who are six) hardly talk and grief over the tragic loss...but start thinking about selling the large important house belonging to their parents, where all of them grew up and enjoyed still very much ! Then Lyle, the eldest son has to face another huge unpleasant event-that of divorce from his unsatable greedy wife, who doesn't care about him as a human being or as husband, or even her own children, but only her major asset - the money, that she wants and spends on herself -Lyle's money. The end part of the novel is good. And you do want to read more about future of the characters... But again, the main lady's name is Caroline is all of sudden, cropped to Caro ! What is it ?! Is the author lazy to spell the full name of her heroine or even shorten it to Carol (which would be decent). Then we have another name -Gloria, who at times goes by "Glo" ! In many instances, also, the sentences are misconstructed. I do not recommend this book to an expert reader.